The mission of the TETRACOM Coordination Action is to boost European academia-to-industry technology transfer (TT) in all domains of Computing Systems. While many other European and national initiatives focus on training of entrepreneurs and support for start-up companies, the key differentiator of TETRACOM is a novel instrument called Technology Transfer Project (TTP). TTPs help to lower the barrier for researchers to make the first steps towards commercialisation of their research results. TTPs are designed to provide incentives for TT at small to medium scale via partial funding of dedicated, well-defined, and short term academia-industry collaborations that bring concrete R&D results into industrial use. This will be implemented via competitive calls for TTPs, whose coordination, prioritization, evaluation, and management are the major actions of TETRACOM. The academic partner of the TTP proposals can be any public research institutions (e.g. universities, research centers, etc.) eligible for FP7 funding.

The TTP activities will be complemented by Technology Transfer Infrastructures (TTIs) that provide training, service, and dissemination actions. These are designed to encourage a larger fraction of the R&D community to engage in TTPs, possibly even for the first time. Altogether, TETRACOM is conceived as the major pilot project of its kind in the area of Computing Systems, acting as a TT catalyst for the mutual benefit of academia and industry. The project´s primary success metrics are the number and value of coordinated TTPs as well as the amount of newly introduced European TT actors. It is expected to acquire around more than 20 new contractors over the project duration. TETRACOM complements and actually precedes the use of existing financial instruments such as venture capital or business angels based funding.

TETRACOM currently runs, or has completed, 49 individual Technology Transfer Projects (TTPs). The three open calls for TTPs received 107 TTP proposals, with a total acceptance rate of 36%. The average co-funding of TTPs by TETRACOM is around 29K Euros, but there is considerable variance. Read more about funded projects and industry testimonials


Tetracom News

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Jan 14, 2016
The TETRACOM Newsletter provides some information on two major project milestones in late 2015. First, the TETRACOM workshop organized during the  HiPEAC Computing Systems Week in Milan. Second, the result of the 3rdand final call for Technology Transfer Projects (TTPs). 
Moreover, the Newsletter reports about the overall results of the project that coordinates 49 TTPs in total , and finally it announces the incoming event co-located HiPEAC Conference in Prague on January 19, 2016.
Dec 5, 2015
The thirdcall for Technology Transfer Projects (TTPs), for transferring university-based technology to a partner company having operations in Europe closed on September 31, 2015. The great response confirms the attractiveness in European for this form of technology transfer.
Oct 1, 2015
The TETRACOM workshop took place on September 23, 2015 in Milano, Italy. We registered 56 participants from 35 institutions in 14 countries for the workshop. Of the participants that filled out the survey, 73% rated the workshop of high quality.

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