Steering and Industrial Advisory Board



The coordinator is responsible for the global management of the project. He will also act as TETRACOM´s primary interface to the European Commission. He invites, leads, and moderates the regular Steering Committee (SC) and Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) meetings.

Steering Committee (SC)

The SC is the primary decision making body in TETRACOM. It is headed by the SC chairman. Decisions will be taken by majority vote. On parity vote, the SC chairman decides. The SC consists of the eight (with a quorum of 5) initial contractors with one representative person per contractor:
  • R. Leupers (RWTH, SC chairman)
  • M. O´Boyle (UEDIN)
  • K. De Bosschere (UGENT)
  • A. Cohen (INRIA)
  • L. Fanucci (UPISA)
  • K. Bertels (UDELFT)
  • J. Nurmi (TUT)
  • W. Luk (IMC)

The SC may decide to include more SC members over time from the new contractors entering the consortium via TETRACOM calls. 


Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)

The SC appoints and relies on a small-scale IAB, composed of independent management-level experts, in order to receive feedback on long-term strategies from an industrial viewpoint. In particular, the IAB monitors the progress of the TTP and TTI programs and may suggest corrective actions to the SC. IAB members cannot be personally involved in concrete TTPs themselves.
Current IAB members are:
  • Tero Rissa (Distinguished engineer, Nokia, Finland)
  • Martijn Rutten (Co-founder & CEO, Vector Fabrics, The Netherlands)
  • Matthias Weiss (Manager system engineering, Intel Mobile Communications, Germany)