TETRACOM (Technology Transfer in Computing Systems) is a new FP7 Coordination Action specifically focused on academia-industry technology transfer (TT). Starting in September 2013, it will stimulate European TT over the duration of 36 months. At the same time, it server as a pilot project for the possible new TT instruments in Horizon 2020. The total project volume is two million Euros. TETRACOM is open to the entire computing and embedded systems community, and the eight founding partners cordially invite you to partecipate.

Generally, European academia-to-industry TT in Computing Systems is considered insufficient today. While great scientific results are generated, in particular within EU funded collaborative projects, and impressive TT activities do happen, there is no systematic way of stimulating TT so far at a small to medium scale. Occasionally, outstanding R&D results  are commercialized via start-up company. However, the effort in setting up a company, including all legal and financial matters, is often experienced as a major hurdle. In addition, the majority of promising individual solutions for highly specific problems, which do not justify a start-up on their own, rarely make it into industrial practice.

TETRACOM provides a new key instrument to improve this situation, called Technology Transfer Projects (TTPs). TTPs provide a novel and systematic incentive for small to medium scale TT at the European level. As an important support measure, the TTPs will be backed by Technology Transfer Infrastructures (TTIs), such as regular workshops, trainings, and TT consultation services by experts, which will be widely announced. 

All members of the computing and embedded systems community can apply for TTP funding in TETRACOM using an efficient proposal scheme. In short, the "TTP algorithm" work as follows:

  1. All TTPs are based on bilateral academia-industry TT parterships. One academic partner A teams up with one industry partner B, who is interested in taking up a specific technology or IP developed by A for internal use, evaluation, or productization.
  2. The total volume of the intended TTP is between 10k-200k Euros, and the total TTP duration is between 3 and 12 months.
  3. Partner A, assisted by partner B, submits electronically a lightweight TTP proposal to TETRACOM, which will be efficiently evaluated by experts according to the several well-defined and public criteria.
  4. Following a positive evaluation, TETRACOM can provide funding of up to 50% of the total TTP volume. This funding will be received only by the partner A, but it will indirectly also benefit partner B, of course.

Project tetracom