Industry testimonials

"The project has been very profitable for us. The optimization reduces the losses and it increases our competitiveness in the market. In gross numbers, we can save around 150,000€/year. In our opinion this kind of relationship and technology transfer should be encouraged."

David Rueda, Ingeniería & Mantenimiento, AGC Flat Glass Ibérica 

"Tetracom has been a great help to put the very good research done by DAMA-UPC into a product that will help Sparsity to open new markets in a very promising area, that of Knowledge Base exploitation. Without Tetracom we would not have had the chance to productize that important bit of research."

Josep Lluis Larriba-Pey, CEO, Sparsity Technologies

"The contact-less bioimpedance measurement device developed as a part of a PhD work at Jozef Stefan International Postgraduate School offers an innovative way to respiratory cycle monitoring of a patient. The support provided by TETRACOM allowed Hyb to invest resources in assessing the functionalities of a new medical device. Developed demonstrator prototype and supported activities implemented in the frame of TTP supported by TETRACOM are subject of the feasibility study required by Hyb policy of introducing a new medical device in production. The provided support also strengthened collaboration with academic partner Jozef Stefan Institute."

Marko Pavlin, Project Manager, HYB d.o.o.

"Through the TTP we got the possibility to transfer knowledge from excellent research partner and we got a special knowledge  as a company in the area of medical  informatics. At the same time I would like to expose that the research activities on mobile ECG sensor started in Ljubljana 40 years or more ago. One of the most prosperous group on the mentioned problem  is a gorup at Jozef Stefan Institute. Researchers at SAVVNG Company active on telemedical projects recognised, that the project of the wearable body ECG sensor is the appropriate phase for industrialisation. Therefore they started the collaboration with the group from Jozef stefan institute in the process of transfer from laboratory ECG model to the industrial product. This transfer took several mnonhs of additional activities like finaliazation of the ECG sensor for industrial production as well on documentation preparation. Now we are in the phase of acquiring the CE certificate and at the beginning of the  zero production phase."

Prof. Dr. Jurij F. Tasič, Strategic Development Management, Saving d.o.o. 

"The TETRACOM TTP together with the High-Performance Real-Time Lab of the University of Modena allowed us to deepen our knowledge of parallel hw/sw solutions to accelerate our main products, paving the way to the adoption of modern GPU accelerators for business-critical applications."

Marcello Pellacani, VP Strategic Partnerships, Expert System S.p.A

"The traceability of food from producers to consumers is crucial for all players of the supply chain. In this context, the adoption of the RFID technology guarantees wide margins of success. However, in supply chains as complex as the fresh and frozen cakes one, this adoption is not trivial at all, because of the performance drop of RFID devices applied on products with a high content of water and ice. Thanks to the technology transfer project "TETRACAKE: Technology Transfer for RFID Assessment in Cake supply chain”, we had the chance to fruitfully collaborate with the RFID experts of University of Salento who demonstrated that RFID can be winningly adopted also in our business process. Consequences in terms of organization, return of investments and export are simply exciting. "

Tatiana Martinucci,  CEO of Martinucci srl

"There is often an awkward fit between university research results and company product development, sometimes even blocking transfer. TETRACOM has been the perfect enabler for us to absorb important university research results into our product line-up. Without it significant results that really improve our product and by extension society would have been left on the shelf."

Willem Fontijn, Managing Director, Symbio Therapy 

"The cooperation between MediTECH and the Institute of Microelectronic Systems at the Leibniz University in the course of the TETRACOM Project was very beneficial for us.  It provided new insights into the development of highly integrated inertial measurement units.  The result of this close and productive partnership has provided us with a new basis for future generations of biofeedback systems that make up the core of our product base.  TETRACOM provides an excellent platform for small and medium enterprises to benefit from cooperation with Universities."

Ralph Warnke, Director, MediTECH Electronic GmbH

“The collaboration with University of Pisa has been an outstanding opportunity to bring a foundation into the technologies which are demanded in the field of automotive security. It enabled the concept development of IPs supporting cryptographic functions leading to solutions with a balance of performance and security. The fusion of skills from academia and industry allowed for analytical development  resulting in a building a firm foundation of security knowledge and security architecture approach. We look forward to using and enhancing the result of this activity in our future projects.”

Harman Hunjan, Manager, Renesas Electronics Europe Ltd.

“The partnership with the University of Pisa led to the integration of a flexible IP for sensor conditioning. It has enhanced our Company’s portfolio with a core tool enabling the development of future sensor solutions.”

Paolo D’Abramo, Director Engineering,  BL Mobility Sensors, AMS

"Through the TTP we have developed a great collaboration experience with an excellent academic partner and we have acquired an unexpected knowledge essential in our future as a company into the bioinformatics area."

Antonio Vicente, Chief Executive Officer, AI Talentum

"Tightly controlled diet in combination with insulin therapy is the key to successful management of Type 1 diabetes. Supervising one’s own diet is, unfortunately, very time consuming and is not always possible without food diversity even taken in the account.  The OPEN Platform For Clinical Nutrition, developed by JSI, offers a viable approach to address diet management in a consumer friendly way and at same time allows for integration with the latest generation of IPD med insulin patch pump. TETRACOM provided us with a straightforward way to merge both in an efficient and effective system."

Tomaž Karčnik, Chief Executive Officer, IPD med Ltd.

"Our work with Peter Yakimov and his team at DAEDALUS project reduced the time of the research processes and produced business qualified information. Also we came up with innovative vision for the Smart Street Lighting System. That was beyond our expectations in terms of cost, time saving, and the speed with which we accomplished our goal."

Radko Jordanov, Chief Information Officer, LeaderLight Bulgaria Ltd.

"The TETRACOM TTP has enabled Sonoscan to investigate novel 3D image processing to help find details in acoustic micro-imaging scans. This post-processing of the captured highfrequency acoustic echoes assists users by selectively imaging internal features of samples so as to highlight their presence. The custom human interface/GUI was designed to allow easy control and use of complex signal processing algorithms necessary for the image layer separation and 3D enhancement. Good progress has been made, but further work in this complex area still needs to be done to apply the new ideas to products in the market."

Richard Carr, Sales Director EMEA, Sonoscan (Europe) Ltd

“The TTP allowed us to explore future directions for our L4Re operating system and enables us to converge research results into commercial deployments."

Dr. Ing. Adam Lackorzynski, CTO, Kernkonzept GmbH


"The collaboration with our academic partner (University Ljubljana) was excellent, the technology transfer very efficient, the personal engagement outstanding! Thanks a lot! Now we are looking forward to applying the results in our projects."

Martin Mayer, DI, Business Development, EVON GmbH

"The joint collaboration with DAMA-UPC through Tetracom has been a great experience for us. They brought knowledge, research founded technologies and very good technical quality among the team members."

Josep Lluis Larriba-Pey, CEO, Sparsity Technologies

"cTuning Foundation has completed a technology transfer of its Collective Knowledge IP with ARM to share an extensible framework for systematic and collaborative R&D combined with predictive analytics. Using Collective Knowledge, ARM was able to obtain valuable insights into performance of its products in a fraction of the time required by conventional analysis.  Designing next generation, high performance, energy efficient computer systems requires a deep understanding of current and emerging real world workloads. Performance data from systematic analysis of workloads is essential, but does not by itself produce insights. Collective Knowledge applies leading edge statistical analysis and machine learning to deliver real world performance insights that has the potential to enable ARM to take computer engineering to a whole new level.”

Ed Plowman, Director of performance analysis strategy, ARM

"The TTP titled “eGPU accelerated HEVC/H.265 video decoder” enabled us to understand the requirements for accelerating HEVC video decoding in our embedded GPUs. The result was to modify the internal architecture of our GPUs by inserting a new special functional unit (SFU) dedicated for video acceleration. This is an on-going effort with many challenging open issues (technical and marketing)."

Dr. Georgios Keramidas, CSO, Think Silicon S.A.

"The TETRACOM TTP gave us a good chance to improve our core product with new features enabling us to target new markets."

Sebastian Wille, Co-founder, Asandoo GmbH

"The TETRACOM project is great opportunity for start-up companies for an easy and seamless technology transfer from the academic world. The program is a vital component for Creonic to stay ahead in technology."

Timo Lehnigk-Emden, Managing Director, Creonic

"Bluebee participated in a TETRACOM project to enable the transfer of IP from the Delft University of Technology and Imperial College London to the company. A couple of IP components developed within the two universities are needed in the field of genomics and are expected to improve the performance of genomics diagnostics pipelines. In particular, TETRACOM facilitated the transfer of hardware implementations needed to accelerate the BWA-MEM algorithm for DNA alignment on FPGAs developed by the Delft University of Technology. In addition, TETRACOM facilitated the transfer of hardware components needed for a DNA seeding algorithm used in a cancer diagnostics algorithm developed by Imperial College London."

Dr. Ir. Zaid Al-Ars, Scientific Advisor, Bluebee

"For our company, the TETRACOM project was a unique opportunity to experiment a cutting-edge technology in the field of structural health monitoring: this now has brought a tangible, high-added value in our company’s works. TETRACOM was a great opportunity to collaborate with a University and to establish a beneficial and fruitful exchange of ideas with talented Researchers."

Roberto Leopizzi, CEO, EDIL GE.O.S. s.r.l.

"We have been working with RWTH Aachen and Silexica on power modeling analysis for some time now and are consistently happy with both the quality of the estimates produced by their tool and the professionalism of the team that is working with us. We hope to continue this partnership and make a significant impact on our SoC architecture exploration phase with this tool."

Alan Gatherer, CTO Baseband SoC, Huawei USA


TETRACOM statistics

TETRACOM currently runs, or has completed, 49 individual Technology Transfer Projects (TTPs). The three open calls for TTPs received 107 TTP proposals, with a total acceptance rate of 36%. The average co-funding of TTPs by TETRACOM is around 25k Euros, but there is considerable variance. Some further key statistics are summarized in the table below. More information is available in the public TETRACOM deliverables.

Countries Involved
SME involvement
Proposals from new EU member states 
Average requested funding (EUR)
Average matching industry funding (EUR)
Average TTP duration (months)

In May 2015, a first systematic impact analysis has been conducted on the basis of 8 TTPs already concluded at that time. The analysis showed already quite considerable and tangible project outcomes. The most concrete findings were as follows:

  • 6 publications in international journals and conferences.
  • 1 TTP result will be donated as an open source tool.
  • 2 TTP-related patent applications have been filed.
  • Most TTPs delivered new professional or educational training activities and materials.
  • There were already 2 very concrete cases of TTP-related technology adoption by the company partner in the form of new products. 4 company partners reported internal process improvements.
  • 2 TTPs reported an immediate impact on sales projections and VC investment acquisition.
  • 4 additional jobs have been created with the TTPs´ industry partners.
  • All TTPs reported improved opportunities for sustainable academia-industry partnerships, e.g. in the form of follow-up TTP proposals or other grant applications.
  • 4 TTPs traced back their project to a previous or ongoing publicly funded research grant.
  • All TTPs reported a TRL elevation by 2 levels.