The TAWARA_RTM project aims at developing a complete platform to control the quality of the tap water with respect to the radioactivity content. The platform will provide a real time measurement of the activity in the water (measuring the gross alpha and beta activity) to verify whether the distributed water is far from the limits set by the EU legislation reaching thresholds that require rapid actions.
In case of an alarm due to an activity in the water lager than the defined thresholds, a warning message is sent to the water plant management to verify the need of stopping the water distribution.
At the same time, a second part of the system is activated, to determine the nature of the contamination by gamma ray spectroscopy, defining the nature of the contamination and the corresponding counter-measures. Moreover, the determination of the contaminants is needed to establish the effects on the population and produce a full information report to the Civil Security Authorities.
The prototypes of a real time monitoring system and spectroscopy analyzer will be designed, built, tested under laboratory condition and finally installed at the water plant in the North Waterworks Plant of Warsaw managed by the Warsaw Waterwork Company (Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w m.st. Warszawie S.A. – MPWIK), for the demonstration campaign.


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Dec 13, 2013
Category: News
The TAWARA_RTM project started officially with the kick-off meeting hosted by the University of Padua on 12th December, 2013. During the meeting the partners of the consortium discussed their role within the framework of the project, presenting in detail the tasks they are responsible. 

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