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Mar 7, 2014
Category: News
The polish partners MPWik and NCBJ organized a meeting in Warsaw on 5-6 March, 2014 to discuss and organize the tasks of the incoming work packages WP2 (real-time monitor) and WP3(spectroscopy detector). During the meeting the partners had the opportunity to visit the place where the final prototype will work for the demosntration phase at MPWik, and also the NCBJ laboratory. 
Dec 20, 2013
Category: Press
The “TAp WAter Radioactivity Real Time Monitor (TAWARA_RTM)” Project aims at developing a complete platform to control the quality of the tap water with respect to the radioactivity content. 
Dec 13, 2013
Category: News
All partners involved in the work-package WP1 about the definition of the system requirements met on 12 December, 2013 at the University of Padua for coordinating the efforts to accomplished the tasks of the WP1.    

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