The main purpose of the TAWARA_RTM project is to create a platform for drinking water security against deliberate or accidental Radiological or Nuclear threats.
This goal will be pursued targeting the needs of the Warsaw Waterwork Company MPWIK, but it will be easily adapted to other large municipalities in Europe and abroad.
As required in the call fiche, the project will cover the development, assessment, demonstration, deployment and monitoring phases of the new monitoring system at the North Warsaw site where the two systems developed under the project, the fast real-time monitor system (RTM) and the spectroscopic system (SPEC) will be deployed.
The systems lay-out will allow an easy transfer from one location to another one, being connected to the main water treatment plant by a suitable sampling duct.
Separate cabinets might allow to use, in case of a complex water treatment system, several RTM units and only one SPEC system. T
he mechanical lay-out, the electronics architecture and the information system of the TAWARA_RTM will be specifically conceived to allow the easy integration of additional specialized sensors for chemical or biological threats.
In this way TAWARA_RTM will offer a system for real time on-site monitoring of the water quality that will be useful in the following tasks:
  1. early warning in a change of the radiactive content of the water and time reading of the changes;
  2. fast alarm for crossing thresholds that require rapid actions on the tap water distribution system;
  3. in case of 1. or 2. starting the spectroscopic investigation to determine the type of contamination and decide the appropriate and effective countermeasures (response and mitigation measures).

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