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Dec 20, 2013

TAWARA_RTM: European Project to Secure Tap Water Against Radioactive Contamination

The “TAp WAter Radioactivity Real Time Monitor (TAWARA_RTM)” Project aims at developing a complete platform to control the quality of the tap water with respect to the radioactivity content. 
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The TAWARA_RTM 30-months project was launched in December 2013 and it is funded by the European Commission within the scope of its 'FP7 Security' theme.

The project will cover the design, development and demonstration phases of a new real-time monitoring system for the radioactivity level in the water plants. The goal of the system is to ensure a continuos monitoring of the water exploiting distribuited sensing nodes connected throght a dedicated ICT infrastructure in order to provide collected data and alarms to the operators. A multidisciplinary consortium with two SMEs, two universities, two national research centers, one legal firm and one end user company has been established to develop the TAWARA_RTM project. 

More info about the TAWARA_RTM project is posted on:

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